With the internet boom and the exponential rise of various businesses in the form of start-ups; Data has become an inextricable part of business growth. Today, Data is King! Thus, terms like Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data have become the buzzwords of the 21stcentury technological world.

With the rising need to understand, examine, and use data; the demand for professionals who can work with the goldmine of data has also scaled. IBM predicted a sharp soar of 28% in the number of vacancies available for various Data Professionals.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is an interdisciplinary concept lying at the intersection of Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. It includes data collecting, data cleansing, data analysis, data visualization, data prediction, and much more. With exponential digitalization, a humongous amount of data is being generated. But, data in itself is of no use; it becomes useful with Data Science which derives meaningful insights from data.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the capacity that can be conferred to computers which empower these machines to get information, gain from the information, and settle on choices dependent on designs covered up in the information. In simple terms, AI is a branch of Computer Sciences that deals with the capability of teaching machines to learn and imitate human behaviors and patterns. AI is a type of neural network constructed on various algorithms designed to prepare machines in a way that assists humans in all their everyday jobs by learning human behavior.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a sub-set or an implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning refers to the practice of using various techniques and algorithms to extract data, analyze it, learn from it, and then forecast future trends for making better business decisions. Machine Learning has various algorithms like simple linear regression, decision tree regression, K-nearest neighbors, etc. which are used for clarification problems, clustering problems, etc.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is an advancement of Machine Learning. It is based on various artificial neural networks. It is a function that processes data to mimic the human brain to enable machines in detecting objects, recognizing speeches, translating languages, and a lot more.

It is believed that Machine Learning comes in handy when the amount of data given is small, but Deep Learning is your one-stop solution while working on a huge amount of data with distinctive features.

It is also important to note that Deep Learning is more difficult to implement as compared to Machine Learning because it requires more training time and much more powerful hardware to work on.

Though we are far from times when machines would be able to imitate the human brain in all its complexity, Deep Learning is the bridge taking us closer to that future.

What is Big Data?

As per Forbes, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. The amount of data is so big that it creates manifold problems when it comes to storing, collecting, cleansing, analyzing, the data.

Big Data refers to an exponentially large amount of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. Big Data is so large and complex that any traditional data management tool fails to secure it. Big Data is largely characterized by the three V’s i.e. the large Volume of data being created and stored, the large variety of data that is being stored in the data systems, & the Velocity at which the data is being created and stored in various data systems.

The larger role of Big Data is seen in improving operations, providing modified customer service, generating personalized marketing campaigns based on consumer preferences, and increasing profitability. In simpler terms, Big Data is revolutionizing a customer-centric market.

To conclude, Data Science is an interdisciplinary concept which aims to derive positive and actionable insights from data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability to make machines learn and mimic human behavior. Machine Learning is a branch of AI that consists of processes and techniques to enable computers to use the data. Deep Learning is a further advancement of Machine Learning that enables computers to solve more complex problems.

All these fields are of utmost importance with the ever-arching development of technology and the ever-increasing production of the data which derives and, is in turn, derived by the technology. In the coming times, with the production of data always increasing, these fields shall experience even tremendous growth. Thus, this is the best time to invest yourself in learning these extraordinary skills. For further insights, you can explore CB’s specifically designed Machine Learning Master Course, which would begin your learning right from the scratch and take you to the expert level.

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