In the 21st century, mobile applications have become quite a significant enabler of global engagement in various creative ways. The ever-increasing usage of mobile apps has changed our ways of learning, platforms of communication, consumer behavior, perception of the world, and so much more. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the mobile app development industry is one of the most successfully rising industries across the world.

As per a consumer survey, 204 billion apps were downloaded in 2019.

When we talk about mobile applications, there are two major platforms: Android and iOS. Now, when you are thinking of developing mobile applications, the beginning point is to pick up the right platform.

Why Android?

Android is the undeniable pioneer of the worldwide smartphone market share. As per a 2020 worldwide report, 75% of smartphones have the Android Operating System (OS). In addition to its market share, Android is an open-source platform that provides access to various developers. Thus, Android developers can engage, share tips, and try tricks across the large Android community.

With technological advancement at a constant boom and a good demand for Android developers, Android App Development is one of the hottest job profiles in the market today.

What are some must-have hard skills to become an Android Developer?

· Java – The foundation stone of Android App Development is the programming language, Java. A prerequisite to being an Android Developer is to be familiar with concepts of Java like loops, lists, variables, etc. Java is one of the most in-demand programming languages in the tech industry today and mastering it would be a great asset for all programmers.

· XML – Having a basic knowledge of the XML syntax would help programmers have a smooth journey towards becoming a professional Android Developer. XML would come in handy while working on data and designing User Interface (UI).

· SQL – SQL is a language used to derive important information from databases. Learning to use SQL would help organize Databases within various Android Applications.

· Development Tools – One of the most interesting things about learning Android App Development is that most of the essential tools required are easy and free to access. A programmer can use the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) or Android Studio, the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Android Studio is the principal program with which developers compose code and collect their applications from different bundles and libraries. The Android SDK incorporates sample codes, programming libraries, convenient coding instruments, and a lot more to enable you to produce, test, and investigate Android applications.

Now that you know all the major skills you need to learn to ace Android App Development, you should also be aware of how to use these skills to your advantage. Learning isn’t enough unless you have the right skills to showcase or present. Thus, you must master the right soft skills.

What are some must-have soft skills to become an Android Developer?

· Determination – Nothing good comes easy. When you start something new, you are likely to face various roadblocks and challenges which would test you in impossible ways. Thus, it is important to have a clear understanding of your goal and to stay determined. You must stay patient while sailing through rough times to reach the calmer shore.

· Curiosity – Technology is something ever-changing and ever-growing. Thus, it is important to always stay curious about what’s new. If you want to grow, you should always want to learn more, explore more, and experiment more. It would take you to the pinnacles.

· Collaborate – As an Android App Developer, you would be required to work with designers, marketers, etc. Thus, collaboration would be an essential skill for your personal development as well as the company’s growth.

· Showcase – As you grow in the field of Android Development, or any field for that matter, it is important to know how to present your skills to the right people. You can begin by showcasing your projects on various platforms like GitHub, LinkedIn, Behance, Xing, etc. These platforms would allow you to showcase your skills to your peers as well as to various hiring managers and recruiters.

Thus, as Android Applications keep pushing the boundaries of engagement, education, business, and almost everything; it is a suitably exciting time to dive into learning Android App Development and begin your professional career in the most exciting field of the century.

So, where do you start?

Now that you know, it is time to implement. Coding Blocks does the job for you by offering the most finely curated Android App Development Course. The course boosts your journey right from the fundamentals of UI to building a full-fledged Android app. Some of the highlights of the course include:

· Extensive coverage of end-to-end mobile development.

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So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right into the most amazing learning and growing experience of your life!

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