Whenever a tech-enthusiast thinks of exploring the field of programming, the first major question is about the language s/he should learn. There are various functioning programming languages in the world; some of the most famous being C++, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. Now the question is from where to begin?

C++ is considered to be a truly good starting point for beginners when it comes to learning a programming language. It helps students learn the foundation of computer language and coding.

What is C++?

Created by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979, C++ is considered to be one of the oldest programming languages in the tech world. It is a general-purpose project-oriented programming language. C++ is the foundational language for various important technological advancements.

Where is C++ used?

C++ is centered around huge system execution and is thus used in a variety of small and big programs. This incorporates, however, isn't restricted to, web game development, animation, console games, medical software, MRI Scanners, etc. C++ is also used in internet browsers including Chrome and Firefox.

Why should you learn C++?

· Despite the emergence of various programming languages like Java, Python, etc., C++ continues to hold a significant place in the tech world.

· It is one language that familiarizes you with computers and programs like none other. It also helps you understand the computing structure, architecture, and theories.

· Almost all other programming languages including Java and Python are built around C++. Thus, learning C++ acts as a foundation for you to easily dive into learning other programming languages.

· Knowledge of C++ sets you apart in the tech world. Various big-wigs like Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, etc. need C++ developers to work on their programs.

· C++ programmers are paid well and their salaries are expected to rise in the coming future with increasing dependence on web browsers.

What are some important C++ terms to know?

· Keywords – Keywords are predetermined words that are used to identify objects and variables in codes.

· Variables – Variables are values with names or identifiers.

· Strings – Strings are objects with which one can perform functions in C++.

· Operators – Operators are symbols operating functions and manipulating data.

· Data Types – Data Types are different forms of data that can be used in a program.

· Objects – An object is a collection of data in C++. It has attributes and methods.

What are some platforms or communities for C++ Developers?

There are various platforms or communities for people with the same interests, hobbies, and/or professions. These platforms help them interact, learn from one another, and work on projects together. Following are some platforms or communities for C++ Developers:

· GitHub

· Stack Overflow

· Reddit

· Web Developers

· C++ Meetups

How to begin your C++ journey?

Having a steep learning curve, C++ is not the easiest language to learn, but it sure is a wonderful start. Learning a programming language like C++ requires the right path and effort. Coding Blocks brings to you the most finely designed course for C++ beginners. The C++ training course is designed to provide you with a platform from where you can start your journey in the amazing world of programming and software. It guides your learning right from the scratch and takes you to the expert level.

Some highlights of the course include:

• Extensive Data Structures & Algorithmic Coverage

• 500+ Video Lectures and Code Challenges

• Hint Videos for Complex Problems

• Lifetime Assignment Access

• Basics & Advanced Coding Topics for Interviews

• Expert Doubt Support

Start from Basics, become a C++ Master!
Start from Basics, become a C++ Master!
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