1. How is Covid-19 affecting the economy?

With a Pandemic spreading quickly over the globe, the devastation fashioned by COVID-19 is unmistakable for all to encounter. The global pandemic has not only challenged world’s healthcare structures, but has broken worldwide supply chains. The situation, if not controlled, might lead to a situation of global recession. If such a situation arises, developing countries and the poor class are going to be the worst affected. The effects are already visible with India’s nationwide shutdown leaving all the marginalized daily wagers at the mercy of a government which is not fully prepared to support a nation amidst a crisis.

The pandemic will further steep India’s worst ever seen GDP and leave a lasting impact on the country’s economy.

2. Is the Nationwide Lock-down a right decision?

With the news coming in from severely affected countries like China, South Korea, and Italy, it is clear that the nationwide lock-down announced by Mr. Narendra Modi was a necessary measure. Social Distancing is the only way we can fight this global pandemic. Though, the lock-down might not be able to completely eradicate the virus, but the attempt is to buy time to allow the government to take more structured actions and work with more force.

3. Will this period change the face of Education?

With the pandemic on a rapid spread, the workings of all institutions including all schools and colleges have come to a sudden halt. All the lectures/classes have been shifted online, where the students and teachers interact through means of various social platforms like zoom and learn together. Even though such a sudden and drastic change has led to apprehensions in the minds of students as well as teachers, I believe, if done properly, online education may become an integral part of our education system.

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4. How will the crisis affect final year students? Will there be no placement drives now?

Since all educational institutions have been shut down to ensure the safety of everyone, all students are apprehensive about their studies. Though the classes have been shifted to online mode to not let education be hampered, the newness of the situation continues to create confusion.

The most concerned are all final year students who long awaited this year to get placed in the company of their liking. Now, with the country facing an epidemic and a nationwide shutdown, we know that there are chances that there might be no placement drives at all this session. But this isn’t a reason to lose hope. This is the time to stay hopeful and prioritize our health, physical as well as mental above everything else.

Moreover, what if you don’t have on-campus placements, there is always scope for off-campus placements. All you need to do is stay hopeful and keep going forward.

5. What are some ways to maintain mental peace in such tough times?

Since we are all expected to stay in a lock-down, it is really important that we do not dwell so much in the negativity of the situation so as to impact our mental health. Some basic ways through which you can maintain your peace and calm in this situation is:

·         Exercise for half an hour every day.

·         Spend time with your family.

·         Stay virtually connected to your friends.

·         Build a new hobby.

·         Eat Healthy.

·         Limit your intake of news.

·         Have faith.

6. Adaptability is the need of the hour! How are you coping with it?

The situation is grave and we need to understand that we need to follow all the necessary measures to prevent it from turning into an apocalypse. I am staying indoors with my family and trying to immerse myself in work.

As a founder of educational institution like Coding Blocks, it is my obligation to show duty towards my students and representatives. Thus, to do our bit, I and my team has put all efforts to ensure that we continue to cater to the need of all our students. We, at Coding Blocks, have transformed all our Classroom Program to Live Classroom Program. The decision is to make sure that no student has to compromise on learning because of the external situation. It was also necessary to give students an outlet to not let their productivity die during the lockdown.

7. Could you tell us a bit more about the Live Classes?

The Live Classroom Program is designed in a way to be an exact replica of our Classroom Program. Some of the features of the program include –

·         Exact Replica of a Classroom Program

·         Guidance by Industry-expert Mentors

·         Two-way Interactive Sessions

·         Recorded Videos after Live Lectures

·         Handwritten Mentor Notes

·         Immediate Doubt Resolution during Lectures

·         Cost-effective and Time-saving

·         Comfort of your Home

The first batch of our Live Classroom Program begins from April 6, 2020. I think it is a good time for all students to upscale their skills and prepare for the future ahead. Students can also register for a demo Live Class to understand the concept of Live Classes better.

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