With Coronavirus rapidly spreading across the whole world, the corporate world is experiencing changes like never before. The pandemic has resulted in a huge push to the work from home sector. Keeping the safety of all stakeholders in mind, all companies/firms/organizations have completely adapted/shifted to the work from home policy.

Social Distancing is the need of the hour; thus, work from home is a necessary step. Though necessary, it has been a cause of apprehension for all employers as well as employees. One major doubt has been the effect it might have on the productivity and efficiency of work. In this blog, I shall discuss some of the best tips and tricks to maintain productivity and efficiency during work from home:

1. Follow a Schedule – Define your work hours, prepare a to-do list, and ensure that you follow it through. It would help you maintain professionalism, and keep your professional and personal life separate.

Follow A Schedule

2. Dress professionally – Staying in home clothes usually fills us with laziness which affects our efficiency; thus, it is very important that each morning you dress up in your work clothes so as to feel productive and professional.

3. Maintain Good Communication – Since work from home doesn’t allow you to be in constant contact with your fellow team members, it is important that you find time to connect with your team. Connecting and discussing work with your team would help you stay motivated and dedicated to meeting your deadlines.

Good Communication

4. The expert tools – Since communication is an important factor, it is important that you choose the best medium/tools to stay connected to your team. Slack, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team are some of the most efficient tools which provide you with hassle-free meeting sessions.

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Start from basics become job-ready, data-driven Digital Marketer
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5. Setup a professional workspace – Not every person has an assigned workspace at home. However, it's basic to have a private space for your work, so try to keep a separate room/area only for working hours.

Professional Work-space

6. Avoid Distractions – It is natural to get easily distracted at home when you don’t have any senior or other colleagues around you. But distractions kill efficiency. Thus, it is important that you try to avoid disturbances as much as you can. For example, try not to sit near your TV set, tell your family members to avoid making a lot of noise while you work, turn off the unnecessary notifications on Instagram and Snapchat while working.

7. Take out time for breaks – Working at home might make you feel overloaded or overwhelmed sometimes. Thus, it is really important that you give yourself the much-needed break. It can be listening to some songs, talking to a friend, sitting with your family, or simply taking some fresh air on the balcony.

So, keep your spirits high. In this time of hopelessness and despair, make productivity your friend and let it tread a hopeful future for you.

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