The Education Industry of India has been working in a repetitive manner for decades.  The education space in the Engineering institutions follows a similar procedure to impart knowledge to the students. It might be debatable that the method is outdated as there is a high demand-supply gap in the industry.

The integral loophole lies in the fact that the learning process of engineering institutes is unable to solve the skill gap problems. The skills that an IT firm hunts for in an applicant is lacking these days, which cultivates the reason for increased number of unemployable in the IT industry. Coding Blocks has been working on this particular subject since 2014. What did it all take? It took appropriate and exhaustive research to dig out the discrepancy in the system!

A study by Aspiring Minds states that only 4.8% of job applicants in India could write correct logic and not more than 1.4% could write correct code.

So, where does the problem lie? What is the solution to bridge the already expanding gap? Let’s decode the issues that are furthering the number of unemployable engineers in India!

Skill Gap is a Real Deal, y'all!

Dreaming to step into a BIGWIG? Here are some of the technical skills as well as the soft skills that will help you to enter the world of MNC.

Let’s check out some hottest & most-sought technical skills:

·   Basic Programming Skills

You need to focus on learning basic programming skills to become a software developer. Having hands-on experience of a particular language to become proficient in writing correct code will help you crack that dream job of yours! So, it is important to have a strong grip on your favorite language to set a foot in an MNC, but you also need to keep this in mind that learning other languages might help you more in the interviews.

·   Deep knowledge of Data Structures

Having prior knowledge of Data Structures is essential to appear for an interview in an MNC. Questions from topics like Array, Linked List, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Graphs, Hash Tables, etc. are asked under Data Structures. Learn how to implement Data Structures and you are ready to crack your dream interview.

·   Understanding of Algorithms

String Algorithms, Sorting Algorithms like quick-sort or radix sort, etc. are asked under Algorithms. Learning to optimize algorithms is important to work on large scale data and solving a plethora of queries. Therefore, it is important to go through Algorithms thoroughly when you undertake an MNC interview.

·   Knowledge in Advanced Programming

More knowledge can help you access a bigger corporate world. Some of the advanced techniques/ fields that a programmer should pick up to excel are Web Development, Android Development, Data Science, etc.

  1. Web Development

Nowadays, people with valuable programming skill sets are in high demand in tech-firms. If you are dreaming to step into an MNC as a Web Developer, you can either opt for Front-end or Back-end as your career option. Along with the basic grasp of coding and development, you can also prepare for essential topics such as Servers, APIs, Deployment, DevOps, Scaling, Micro-services, etc.

2.  Android Development

In order to get equipped for an interview for the position of Android Developer, you must hold a strong grip on your fundamentals of Android and Java or Kotlin. Some must-to-do topics to become thoroughly prepared for an Android Development interview are fragment lifecycle, the lifecycle of an activity, singleton class, dependency injection, difference between MVC, MVP & MVVM, Android architecture components, preventing the data from reloading and resetting when the screen is rotated.

3.  Competitive Programming

To grab placements at lucrative MNCs, you can go for learning an advanced level of programming. Basic understanding of Competitive Programming can assist you in boosting your career growth. Practicing topics such as Bit Masking, Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms, Recursions, Ad-hoc Problems, Number Theory, Divide & Conquer, Segment Trees, Graphs, etc. can benefit you in clearing the MNC interview.

4.  Machine Learning

Understanding Machine Learning, one of the hottest fields of programming, can get you placed at a leading MNC. An interview on Machine Learning involves asking questions on several case studies, data visualizations, data analysis (open-ended), hyper-parameter tuning in traditional algorithms.

5.  Data Science

To ace an MNC interview for the advanced position of Data Scientist, one needs to grasp the knowledge of data mining and big data. The candidate should also be aware of the usage of scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and machine learning principles to extract knowledge and determine patterns from organized and unorganized data.

Here are some of the soft skills to create a healthy work environment:

Soft Skills are Essential

·     Problem-Solving & Logical Thinking- aptitude

A programmer needs to be efficient in his/her problem-solving skills as programming is mostly about solving an issue & finding the best possible method to make it work smoothly. In order to become industry-ready for an MNC, you also need to develop your logical thinking process by working on the aptitude and reasoning skills, which might further help you in planning and analyzing strategies for any task.

·         Teamwork

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

This quote by Phil Jackson illustrates the power of a team that is built by trust and synergy. To grow in a corporate environment, one ought to develop team-spirit and solidarity that might help you in the long run. Listening to every opinion and putting up your ideas is also important while working in a team.

·         Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence embraces skills of self-awareness, motivation, empathy, social skills, etc. and acquiring these skills while working for an MNC will help you to understand your colleagues and to manage peaceful relationships. The productivity of a workplace also increases when people are able to develop an understanding of themselves and others.

·         Interpersonal Communication

It is vital to notice how you express your feelings while engaging in communication with any co-worker. In a workplace, especially in an MNC, when two people pose contrary opinions, both of them should try to tone down their facial expressions, gestures or speech that do not hinder in maintaining a respectful and healthy working environment for everyone.

·         Time Management

A candidate appearing for an MNC interview must know the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. A habit of learning and reading on your own after work hours is fruitful to your own growth process. Therefore, it is always better to manage time according to your future goals and plans.

All the best, Engineers!

Every student, after his/her graduation, wants to seek an ideal job at an MNC. The preparation requires a determined mind and an optimum amount of knowledge in the required field. Therefore, mastering some of these skills and keeping in mind some of the tips to get industry-ready can upgrade your level of performance that will eventually get your foot set in an MNC.

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