Social Distancing can expose you to many unpredictable fears that can tamper with your mental peace. Everything coming to a standstill is explicitly affecting the movement of the education of the students. Many students are anxious about the uncertainty of the future and the repercussions it will bring along. Engineering students are also prone to distress and agitation as the classes, as well as placement procedures, have come to a halt for now.

Here's a small task for y’all! Think for a minute and jot down some points on how are you spending your social distancing days and what is keeping you preoccupied always. Once you are done with reflecting and if you come up with the understanding that you are not pulling out a very productive routine, you can continue reading!

We need to understand the reason behind the decreasing productivity of people nowadays!

There is a very interesting theory by Walberg, known as Theory of Educational Productivity, that postulates that the behavior and cognition of a student are influenced by his/her immediate environment. Social behavior plays an essential role in delineating the amount of productivity. The peer pressure of co-existing in social media platforms has resulted in upholding a perpetual presence in these spaces. In these serious times, we need to take a momentary escape from Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc. and try to breathe in a space of productivity.

Social Pressure of Being on Every Channel!

What can you do to keep yourself occupied with productive work?

·         Arrange a Right Learning Ambience- A comforting environment to work around is better than a shaggy one. Therefore, decluttering your room and working/learning space is refreshing to commence your work.

·         Make a Plan- You need to organize your daily routine until the COVID-19 crisis cools down a little. This will help you to wake up with a sense of purpose and you would feel positive in these disrupting times.

·         Do your Research- Come up with a roadmap of what you are going to work on. It can be anything related to programming and its concepts or working on interesting game projects.

·         Time Management is Must- In the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic, it is necessary to infer that you might lose many hours by randomly scrolling through social media pages. Manage your leisure hours and productive hours and try to identify the ways to stick to the time-table.

·         Learn Something New- Every day is a chance to learn something new. This is your best opportunity to learn innovative things and develop new skills for your future growth. Make the most of this crucial time and get to see the best results by yourself.

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·         Watch and Learn Free Content- There is a plethora of websites and channels on the Internet where you can extract the most creative and knowledgeable ideas that can help you grow. You can find interesting educational channels on YouTube as well. Coding Blocks’ YouTube Channel also provides a lot of fascinating information on programming.

·         Study with Friends- Just playing PubG or Ludo won’t get you to your dream job. You can have live study sessions with your friends on screen-sharing platforms like Skype, Zoom, etc. Try to work on some exciting projects in unison like making an android application and more.

·         Work on your employment-oriented profiles – You can upgrade your LinkedIn profile by posting some reading-worthy status or articles to attract the right audience and make your connections stronger. Refining your Resume is also a good way to use this leisure time. Try to compliment it with more factual and statistical statements to make it more authentic and reliable.

·         Stay Home & Stay Healthy- Keep yourself and your home sanitized as frequently as you can. Eat a balanced diet to stay fit during this period. Try to keep calm during the distress by preferring meditation or any therapeutic exercise as a routine.

Once you get over these times, you might regret not utilizing it to its tip. Don’t just sit on that couch by Netflix-ing all the time. Jump up and get yourself moving by putting some productive effort. Realize the importance of the time and invest it wisely.

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