In the age of rapid technological advancements, Android is dominating the mobile market. Android is known to hold 80% of the mobile market shares. With such a huge demand for Android Applications, big tech companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Airtel, etc., are making huge investments in third-party android applications. Thus, it would be quite right to claim that the future for android development is bright in the future.

As per a recruitment survey, it is believed that the demand for skilled android developers still far exceeds the supply. Android Applications keep pushing the boundaries of engagement, education, business, and almost everything; thus, making it a correct choice for a professional career.

Why do Android Developers have a bright scope in the near future?

  • Open Source – Android is an Open Source Operating System that provides accessibility to various developers across the world. Developers can create, test, and run their apps on the Android Platform by simply registering once. The Open Source Platform also allows developers to launch their apps. The apps can be made available for use either in paid form or free of cost as per the desire of the developer.
  • Huge Market – Android is a pioneer of the worldwide smartphone market share. It owns 80% of the smartphone market share today. It is the fastest growing IT market with android applications always in demand. The increasing demand for android applications also surges demand for skilled android developers.
  • Higher Returns on Low Investments –Developers need to pay only the registration fee which enables them to build and run multiple apps. They can then sell these apps to the userbase at the desired rate, thus making incredible profits with a little amount of investment.
  • Variety of Job Profiles – Android Development is an incredible field that provides you with multiple job opportunities like Mobile Developer, Mobile App Developer, Mobile Architect, Android Developer, Android Mobile Developer, Android Engineer, and many more.
  • Flexible work – Android Developers need not necessarily work a 9 to 5. Many android developers work from the comfort of their homes for their organization. The field also allows you to do well in part-time or freelance jobs.
  • Creative and Competitive – Two words that shall define your persona if you decide to explore the professional career of android development. The field of Android Development is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Thus, it requires you to stay at your toes and be your most creative self. It pushes you to give your best in the competition.
  • Most Interesting Online Communities – All programmers are known to have online communities where they all come together to discuss and work on new and creative ideas. Android Developers too have an amazing set of communities for developers to work support groups to learn and grow with the help of one another.
  • You can work in distinct industries – Android developers do not necessarily have to work with mobile companies. Various distinct industries like Business, Medical, Finance, Security, E-Commerce, Gaming industry, etc. have huge demands for professional android developers. Some giant companies that demand android developers include Amazon, YouTube, Google, Uber, Flipkart, American Express, Delloite, and the list goes on.
  • Get paid well –An android developer is a profile that is in high demand in the tech industry today. A professional android developer can earn up to $80k. Salary trends also reveal that the average salary of android developers is increasing steadily with the surging demand.
  • Learn it Easy – Android Development is a field relatively easier to learn. Good command of Java and some basic Development tools will have you set to undertake the journey of becoming an android developer.

In conclusion, there are billions of android apps on the Google Play store, with the number increasing drastically. Billions of apps are being downloaded and used by customers every day. With so much growth and development, the demand is obviously on a high tide. Thus, it is clear that the field of android development is expected to boom shortly, and android developers would be the kings of the tech market.

So, where do you start?

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