Struggling beginner or an experienced  veteran, anyone who is trying to learn to code and is on the way to  become a top-notch programmer knows how hard it is to master the art of  programming. And to give you a boost, we at Coding Blocks have some tips  for you from the cheat sheet of the top programmers themselves!

1. Practice makes a man perfect

Every step on the way to becoming programmer is related to the  previous one, for example assume you are learning JavaScript, without  knowing how to traverse through the HTML Document of the project, you  can't make changes or add methods to it to make it interactive. So,  however simple may be the topic, make sure you practice it and implement  in code. Use it, or lose it!

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2. Basics aren't called Basics for nothing!

Some experienced programmers while learning a new language or  technology would blaze through the basics because more or less they are  the same. But, to be a top programmer, you need to have basics sturdy.  Even though you can easily understand them, but implementing and  studying the basics carefully will help you advance easily and you will  not get stuck in the advanced topics.

3. Play with sample codes

While learning new languages, whether you study from online resources  or courses or refer a book, there are many sample codes which show  working of a specific topic. Just don't copy and run it to see the  working, instead be creative, and play around with the code, try to  spice things up. This will not only improve your understanding, but just  sometimes you discover things which you could never find in a book or  any course (speaking from personal experience, of course!)

4. Stuck? Just Google it!

On the way of your long, tiresome journey in front of your computer  screens, there will be many obstacles. Sometimes you will figure it out  on your own, but sometimes there seems no solution! For those times,  there is ton of help available on the internet. There are forums like  Stack Overflow and many others to help you.

5. Pen is mightier than your computer!

While all programming languages are for computers (obviously), but if  you want to be on the top tier of the programmers, you need to learn  that coding on pen paper will be more beneficial for you than coding on  computer. While you'll be forced to write the full code on paper, you  will also consume more time and would be tiring. But trust us on this,  the sacrifice is worth. Coding on paper will sharpen your basics and  make you fundamentally sound in programming. Still got some problems? Hit us with them in the comment section below!