In the world of accelerating technological advancements, all companies, big-wigs as well as start-ups, rely heavily on programming; and professionals who know the skill of programming. Engineering students work hard for the roles of Data Scientists, Software Developers, Back-end Developers, Data Analysts, Technical Engineers, etc. Though the designations hold different responsibilities in any firm or organization; there is one common skill that all these people share, i.e. they know coding/programming.

For all such talented minds who have the potential to change the face of technology, there is one platform that brings them together; that platform is GitHub. GitHub is an open Git repository that allows you to use Git, work on your code, and develop open-source projects with programmers across the world. In basic terms, GitHub is an open-source platform, built around Git, where millions of programmers can come together and collaborate on various projects of their choice. Thus, whether you are an amateur coder or a professional programmer, Git and GitHub become an indispensable part of your everyday life.

Now the question is, what makes GitHub the most popular open-source platform for programmers across the world?

Following are some reasons why programmers prefer Git and GitHub:

1. Social Platform – GitHub provides you with the largest open-source platform to work and collaborate with other programmers. The platform allows people to work on the same files together at the same time. It also provides features like “follow” which enable users to follow developers or repositories of their choice.

2. Centralized Back-up Storage – Worried about storage and safety of your codes/projects? With GitHub, you never have to worry about losing your code. Your Code is always backed up with GitHub.

3. Complete Version Control – Being a Git repository, GitHub works wonders when it comes to making and saving changes in a file. It does not work as Microsoft or Excel. Git remembers and saves every single change made to your code/file. Regardless of whether you've changed a document multiple times, Git will recollect every single change. Need to return three months on a task for some reason? Git does the task for you.

4. Showcase your talent – Being an open-source platform, GitHub is a great place for you to get noticed and showcase your codes and projects. You can also use GitHub as a platform to display your codes to various recruiters and companies.

5. Get hired – Git is used worldwide across big companies like Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn, Linux, Microsoft, etc. Thus, working on GitHub would allow you to hone your skills and get hired at big-wigs.

Thus, it is clear that Git and GitHub are a gem of a platform for programmers across the world. It is a place for all developers to grow and build as individuals as well as communities. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur, GitHub is the place for you to begin. Start your Git and GitHub journey today.

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