Today, a large part of our everyday lives revolves around the development of Science and Technology. In this world of technological development, Programming or Coding is a key to keep going and growing. Thus, over the years, learning of programming languages like C++, Python, Java, Kotlin etc. has seen a tremendous growth.

The present and the coming age is the age of technology. Technology works on development and the development of technology relies on tech-geeks or programmers. Thus, it becomes important to have more creative and competent programmers in the world, who have the zest to change the face of science in the coming times.

Competitive Programming is an area that helps coders/programmers to master the coding skills and use them for the larger benefit.

Competitive Programming refers to various online coding competitions held over distinct open source platforms. Coders, from across the world, participate in competitive programming competitions to hone their skills and showcase their talents. With a constant rise in the number of participants in these online competitions, the contention also continues to rise. Thus, it becomes significant to know and learn the right skills to become a successful competitive programmer.

Following are some of the skills you learn to ace Competitive Programming:

· Master a Programming Language – Well, isn’t it obvious, you might say. But the key is to choose the right language that would help you grow and excel in the field. Most programmers believe C++ and Java to be the best languages for Competitive Programming. The faster time execution of C++ and Java, as compared to other programming languages, help to ace Competitive Programming.

· You can never practice enough codes – Well now that you have stepped into the water, it is best that you move forward. Coding isn’t a formula that can be learned, but an art that comes with practice. The more you practice, the better you become. Thus, it is important that you participate in various online coding competitions and hackathons to get hands-on learning experience in the field.

· Strengthen Problem-solving Skills – Competitive Programming is not just about writing codes, but writing the most efficient codes following the various limitations given in the problem. Thus, as a Competitive Programmer, you ace not only your coding skills but also your problem-solving skills.

· Algorithmic Efficiency – One major skill of a competitive programmer is to ensure optimal code efficiency, optimize time-space complexity, estimate runtime and memory storage. It is not the code but the optimal algorithmic efficiency of the running code that makes you a good programmer.

· Master Data Structure & Algorithms – Good knowledge of Data Structures & Algorithms helps to make efficient programs with right implementation of logic within time-space complexity. Acing these would help you optimize the best solutions and implement the solutions to real life problems.

· Learn Dynamic Programming Dynamic Programming is an integral part of Competitive Programming. It helps you to think out of the box and come up with the most optimal solutions to the problems in the simplest of ways.

Now that you know what the important Competitive Programming skills are, it is important to learn the right skills, at the right time, and from the right place.

Coding Blocks offers a most aptly formulated course to ace Competitive Programming. The course is an ultimate learning guide to competitive programming, with an aim to optimize the problem-solving skills of young programmers who dream to ace coding competitions and crack interviews of various big tech companies. It teaches you everything from basics of STL to advanced Data Structure topics.

Ace Every Race - Master competitive coding skills for ACM ICPC, Google Kickstart & more
Ace Every Race - Master competitive coding skills for ACM ICPC, Google Kickstart & more
Learn Competitive Programming

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