Paytm visited my campus (NIT HAMIRPUR) in Aug 2021 for the placement drive.

The selection process consisted of one Coding Round, two Technical Interviews, and finally the HR Round. All the rounds were conducted online due to the pandemic.

The Coding Round consisted of 3 questions that we had to solve in 70 minutes.

Questions -

1. Delete duplicate nodes from unsorted single linked lists keeping the first occurrence of every duplicate node.

2. Find the number of elements in an array that are greater than all the elements to their right.

3. Find the sum of all numbers that are formed from root to leaf paths in a given tree.

I solved all three within the given time limit. After the first round, 98 students were selected out of 300.

On 13th Aug, the Technical Interview Rounds were held. The First Technical Round was of 45 minutes.

The interviewer first asked for my introduction and then moved on to DSA questions.

Questions -

1. He asked me to differentiate between graph and tree.

2. I was asked to write code for replacing an element at index 3 in the singly Linked list.

3. He asked me some puzzles like:

The 3-5 liter die hard-water-puzzle. Find the minimum cost to cross the river.

After I explained the approach to solve the puzzles, he asked me to show him one of my projects and run it. Once completed, he asked some more questions about the implementation of the project.

I was able to answer all the questions of this round. After 1 hour, I got a link for the second round.

The Second Technical Round was of 50 minutes.

The interviewer started with my introduction and asked some basic questions like -

Then he moved to the technical part and asked me to explain and write code for method overloading and method overriding. He also asked me some real-life scenarios in which these are used.

In addition to this, he asked me to explain deep copy, shallow copy, and static members with suitable examples.

He also asked some DBMS questions like ACID properties and indexing.

In indexing, he gave me a scenario where I need to tell the type of indexing to be used and why.

He later moved to projects. He asked me about GET and POST methods and asked me to explain my projects.

The HR ROUND did not take very long.

I got a call for the HR Round 30 minutes after completing the Technical Rounds. HR asked me about the interview experience so far. I explained it to him. I was then asked about my preference for location.

Final verdict:

I was selected with 37 others.

Some Tips -

Confidence is the key. Be confident!

Have good knowledge of famous OS & DBMS concepts.

Have at least two good projects and know them completely.

Be polite and interact with the interviewer as much as you can.