With a Pandemic spreading rapidly across the globe, the havoc wrought by COVID-19 is visible for all to experience. The global pandemic has stressed the limits of nations' medicinal service frameworks and has brought about terrible monetary implications. The spread of the virus has pushed financial markets into a plunge and broken the worldwide supply chains, thus having the capacity to ruin the development of economies. In wake of current happenings, more than 50 percent of Indian organizations notice a downfall in their activities and about 80 percent have seen decrease in incomes, says a study.

In a matter of weeks, Coronavirus has affected educational institutions worldwide. It has changed the way of imparting education. Keeping in mind the outspread of the virus, all major schools and colleges have come to a shutdown. The necessary preventive measures have sent a lot many students into impermanent home-schooling circumstances, particularly in adversely affected nations like China, South Korea, Italy, and now India. These progressions have absolutely caused a level of bother, yet they have likewise incited new examples of educational development. Despite the fact that it is too soon to judge how responses to COVID-19 will influence training frameworks around the globe, there are signs recommending that it could lastingly affect the direction of learning advancement and digitization.

We are in the midst of a crisis and the best way to go is through it. These are challenging times and what we need is a positive outlook that could guide hopeful efforts. We, at Coding Blocks, believe that as a responsible educational institution, our foremost duty is to ensure efficient learning and safety of all our students. We have decided to fight the pandemic together with and for all students and provide them with a better alternative to prevent any form of hindrance coming in their way of growth. We are putting all our hard work and dedication into this.

Preparation for Live Classes

The manifold measures Coding Blocks has taken to help all students are as follows –

  1. Coding Blocks shall soon launch a series of YouTube videos in which Arnav bhaiya shall educate students about various remote companies and how they operate.

2. Coding Blocks is thrilled to announce that we have launched the Live Classroom Program for all the tech-geeks. The course has a prime focus on providing a remarkable experience on a user-friendly platform which will be an exact replica of our Classroom Program. The program is prepared to offer a hassle-free user experience for all tech-enthusiasts. We have put the best efforts to process it better than Offline Classes. The unique features include:

·         Guidance by Industry-expert Mentors

·         Recorded Videos after Live Lectures

·         Handwritten Mentor Notes

·         Immediate Doubt Resolution during Lectures

·         Cost-effective and Time-saving

Live classes for Covid-19 phase for students | Exact replica of Classroom courses | Coding Blocks
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Bringing Classrooms to Your Doorsteps!

3. In an attempt to cater to the needs of all students, Coding Blocks has given away Data Structure in Real Life course for free to 1000 selected students. The purpose was to reach out to more students and help them use this time more productively.

4. Apart from various extra efforts taken for all our students, we’ve also ensured to extend the same care and concern for all our employees. We have implemented Work from Home for all the employees of the company. It is a preventive measure taken for the larger good of everyone. Despite all the apprehensions, we’ve been able to successfully achieve the same dedication and efforts as we would in office.

Work From Home

Thus, even though we are facing really challenging times, it is essential to stay strong and do our bit. Coding Blocks is putting every effort to do its bit, now its time you put yours.

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