I am an eager advocate of the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) and believe that it can be applied almost everywhere. Whenever I observe any process, I try to perform a comparative analysis between the things that have the greatest impact and the actions that bring out the negligible output (things we do just for the sake of doing). This is something that has helped me over the years in optimizing most of the business processes I have operated on and it has worked wonders. With these many experiences and understanding, I have been able to strengthen my learning and analysis process.
While using these techniques, I can't state that I was always rational as I had certain biases that always impacted my decisions unconsciously. I tried to minimize these but after all, I am a human, and these things are bound to happen. I had a random thought where I wished I could train myself or anyone with the exact things without any biases or prejudices.
Recently, out of curiosity, I have tried understanding ML/AI and while going through the concepts I realized that what I was thinking has a possibility now and I can train a machine to give specified outputs without any existing biases. We need to understand this simple fact that whenever we make any decision in life, it is somewhat related to our exposure and experiences. The output can be as simple as increasing the speed of the car or as tough as firing an employee. This is the reason that the thinking process of some people is better than others because their experiences and exposure have built them. We, humans, are the finest machines, and the best ever made. AI/ML methods are trying to replicate these learning processes to provide an outcome-based learning.

This is what I inferred after having a talk with our Head Digital Marketing, Nilesh Gupta. I tried connecting his ideas on Artificial Intelligence to the present state of affairs, and the article also articulates about the same perception.

The adverse effects of the Corona virus pandemic have driven the world into a falling pit. A humongous number of people battling with the virus has led to an exponential increase in the data. To manage this plethora of data patterns and its analysis using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence has come into immediate effect to shield humanity. It is possible that with the help of AI and its technology, COVID-19 would be solved at a much faster pace than any other pandemic. AI has been made functional in many fields to combat the pandemic.

  • Disease Monitoring

Since the virus is crucial enough to be spread through human contact and migration, it has become imperative that we keep surveillance around the world. An organization called BlueDot in Canada has been successful in tracing and recording the mesh of infected people faster than WHO. This has been made possible by collecting data of an individual along with his/her travel history, medical history, climatic surroundings, etc. through various social media channels and different sources to obtain accurate predictions and risks.

  • Deployment of Robots and Drones

One of the important revelations of AI has been the manufacturing of robots and drones. The drones are also used to keep a check on the larger audience and to disinfect public places. Robots have been deployed for facilitating food and medication deliveries. This has been helpful in providing risk-free medical care for healthcare workers and to contain the spread of virus amongst humans.

  • Curative Drug Research

Artificial Intelligence has marked a difference by using the algorithms to develop the molecular structure to prepare curable drugs for fighting COVID-19 in the coming future. AI can be helpful in the manufacturing of antibodies and vaccines. Google’s AI company, DeepMind has initiated to process out the structural models of proteins in order to be of assistance in the understanding of the nitty-gritty of the virus.

H2O.ai is a visionary AI and Machine Learning company

The world has been coping with stressful times and Artificial Intelligence technology is a ray of hope that would help us to fight the pandemic with high spirits. The measures, if taken seriously, can do wonders while coming out of the bright side of the tunnel. This might turn out to be a revolutionizing moment in the field of AI technology as its implications in these times might result in excessive use of it and thus, furthering the increase of career scope in this domain.

With the increasing demand in the AI sector and fewer people engaging in these areas, it might be an accurate time to brush up your skills by learning AI through Machine Learning and Data Science. This glimpse of hope is essential for these despondent times and with the constructive use of AI, we hope to come out of this at the earliest.

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