With lakhs of students taking the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced every year, and the number being on a constant rise, the competition is fierce. Each one of us take the exam with a dream to land into the top Engineering colleges like IITs, IIITs or NITs, but despite hard-work and determination, not all of us get into a TIER I college given the immense competition. So, what about students like us, students who dream and are capable of achieving the dreams, yet do not get the best opportunities due to certain reasons? Aren’t we worthy enough? Absolutely Not! We are just as worthy and capable as any TIER I college student out there and deserve the same opportunities. We won’t allow one test or exam to define our future and take away our dreams from us.

Though we might not get On-Campus placement opportunities as good as our peers from TIER 1 colleges, but that should never be a reason for us to feel disheartened about our future. After all, On-Campus placements are not the sole option available in the placement market. This is where Off-Campus placements come into the picture.

Off-Campus Placements

Off-Campus placements are recruitment drives conducted by various companies/organizations and hiring agencies to build a route of connection between incredible job opportunities and deserving engineering graduates. Off-campus placement drives are beneficial for students who get a chance to step out of their comfort zone and explore the various job opportunities available in the market. It also provides students with an opportunity to expose themselves to distinct career fields and grab the right opportunity at the right time.

Now that we know that Off-Campus placements are the best approach for students to gain confidence and exposure, let’s now explore the various hacks through which you can ensure a safe sail through Off-Campus placements. Following are some of the tried and tested techniques through which you can perform incredibly at Off-Campus Placements:

1.      A kick-ass Resume is the right place to start – First impression is of utmost importance, particularly when it comes to a professional work-space. Every big company receives thousands of CV’s and job applications every month and only a handful of these applications actually reach the final panel. So, what makes some candidates stand-out? Well, it’s the concise yet powerful representation of the work the have done in the past. So, you must ensure that your CV is concise yet tells everything about your past work experience.

A Good Resume can do Wonders

One of the best hacks to ensure that your CV outshines that of other candidates’ is to talk in terms of statistics/numbers. Don’t just claim your assets, but back them up with factual numbers.

2.      Do Your Research – Research about your dream companies and make a list of the ones offering Off-Campus Placements. Stay updated about the time and process of application for Off-Campus Placements of the companies. Read about the interview experiences of each company to have an understanding of the interview processes.

Research is the Key

One of the best ways to stay updated about the placement drives of your dream companies is to regularly visit their official website and social media pages.

3.      Be prepared to put your best foot forward – Practice makes perfect. As a student aspiring to appear for Off-Campus Placement drives, you must regularly prepare for group discussions and interviews. Keep practicing and hone your coding skills.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the tested hacks to prepare well for interviews is to take as many mock interviews as possible. Mock interviews would help you get acquainted with the interview environment and gain confidence over time.

Learn Data Structures Algorithms for Interviews, and non coding topics!
Learn Data Structures Algorithms for Interviews, and non coding topics!
Be Unstoppable

4.      Networking is the key – We are social beings and in a world of building connections, it is important that we stay connected to people. Stay connected with your peers, your teachers, your ex-colleagues, your seniors. Connections are a way to help you get an upper edge in professional industry. There are a lot many ways through which you can build and maintain connections in the work industry. Such connections help you understand and gel in with the people in your respected field.

Benefits of Networking

Though there are various ways to network with people, one of the best yet least appreciated is the power of networking through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social platform which allows professionals to connect with like-minded people and build a hive of networking.

LinkedIn as a platform is very novel and has a lot of arenas yet to be discovered. Thus, it gives users a fresh platform to explore networking and form links with employees from their dream organizations. Such connections enable people, in particular freshers, to learn and understand a lot about the company’s values and working environment.

Being a rather unexplored platform, LinkedIn yet remains a space which is uncrowded and open for everyone willing to take that extra unconventional step towards success. A friend of mine sent over two hundred LinkedIn requests for referrals and received only ten responses. Though, the number of responses were less, but one of those ten referrals helped him bag a job at Amazon. This is one of the many examples of how connections can help an individual in growth. So, even though it might seem like a draining task, using LinkedIn is one of the best ways to use the power of networking to build your professional career.

Now that I’ve shared with you the best hacks for cracking any Off-Campus Placement interview, all you need to do is be disciplined, follow the right path, and use the correct hacks to turn your dreams into a living reality.

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