Graduating after 4 long years of engineering gets all the hopes up high for students when it comes to placements. True, all the hard work put in for 4 years is sure to pump up your confidence level high, but then in a blink of the eye, you read an email which can break your spirit. A rejected job application is the last thing anyone wants to hear after putting in so much effort. It feels depressing and you are broken. You doubt yourself and your skills. But these are just the obstacles on your way to success. You need to get over the rejection and put yourself on the path again. In this article, we are going to talk about how to deal with the rejection and how you can put yourself on the right path again.

1.      Take some time off  –

Yes, you put in so much of effort and hard work and yet it didn’t bore fruits. But that doesn’t define you, that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. Take some time off, hang out with your friends and don’t let the rejection make you feel that you are a loser. You have a great potential in you and you can do much better.

2.      Analyze your mistakes –

After getting rejected, as I said you need to take some time off. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to work on yourself. You need to trace back your steps and analyze what may have gone wrong and why you were rejected. Self-improvisation is the key to not getting rejected again.

3.      Get to know the job before you apply for it –

You surely want a job after graduating, but that doesn’t mean you need to apply for every job you come across. Read the job profile in detail before applying for the job. Knowing the job well can help you know the skills required for the job and you can prepare for the selection process effectively. On the other hand, you can also choose not to apply if you are not comfortable with the job profile as well.

4.      Get better at interviews –

The most important part of the selection process is the interview round. You need to be able to make a phenomenal impression of the interviewees to get that job. Prepare for your interview well beforehand. Have a solid set of answers to the regular questions put up in the interview. Also, keep your basics clear for any technical related questions as well.

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Learn Data Structures Algorithms for Interviews, and non coding topics!
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5.      Learn to take rejections with a positive attitude –

Success never comes without hard work or setbacks. Yes, you’ve worked hard but you need to take the rejection with a positive attitude as well. You are going out and applying for a job. It’s a risk as well, nothing goes smoothly in life and getting a job is the same as well. You need to take things positively and move on ahead with a positive attitude.

Hope this article helped you to get on right track if you’ve been rejected from a job. Good luck with your next job application! Work hard and happy coding guys!