C++ is one of the most popular programming and also a middle-level language. Most of the electronic devices and complex software are written in C++. This language is object-oriented language and developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs in 1979, as an extension to the C language.

C++ is more easy to understand and runs on lots of platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc. Most of the software developers work on this type of programming language to make the system more reliable and trusted for client end.

Well, a lot of programming languages are available in the market but still, C++ is
widely used because C++ is a compiled language. Which means that your programs
are compiled on a specific Operating system and runs on only that particular system. Nowadays most of the studying stuff is available on the internet but we just like a bunch of coders doesn't recommend you to join such things. Because of the
difference between what exactly valuable and are not while learning such languages.
Most of the online courses are just like garbage study materials for the learners
because of less practical knowledge involved in it.

C++ is scalable and friendliness language and most of the systems are designed
with the help of this language.

Online C++ tutorials offer theoretical knowledge of coding

Since I was developing applications and system software with the help of C++
programming language, I know how it is more important to practice than theory to
code the complex systems.

Let me tell you a story of a young passionate learner from this software industry. The young kid was me at that time, and I was curious about learning these stuff but the materials and courses presents are not up to the mark and most of them are just based on the theories.

I was spending more time on learning and reading the repeated pieces of stuff about
C++ courses available in the market. But I was missing something at the whole
reading process and that stops me to write tons of piece of code on my system, and
that tricky part was how to start practising on C++ to understand it better. And then I write my first line code of "Hello" program and structured my knowledge into practical with theory. This system really works when you want or start your career in C++ or as a programmer.

Most of the developers and dedicated complex software developers focus on
building and learning the concepts of C++ while practicing more. Because theory
works more when it comes to practice. For beginners it still a question to start writing the first line of code on C++ and yet somehow it is a more valid question ?. Because most of the course available on the internet are just a piece of study materials.

Learn how to write your first C++ code while playing with the theory

It's really fun to write your first line of code in C++ and let's try to implement it on your system. For beginners, the first program to write is a program called "Hello World", which prints "Hello World" to your computer display. Although it is very simple, it contains all the basic fundamental components C++ programs have:

//your first program in C++


    int main(){
        std::cout<< "hello world!" ;

When you execute the above code on your system the output will be: hello world! ,
and now the question arises how this program executes and runs to give such
outputs. And I know its valid question as a beginner because most of the beginners
don't know how the code works.

And trust me, in the whole series of this online C++ course I will teach you every basic and each line of the codes used in the above and upcoming programs in this complete C++ course. But before I switch to the next topic, I wanted to share my own first experience while writing my first golden words on the compiler to execute my program.

The course I was taking at that time is very irrelevant and unstructured, at that time I just finished my full course without writing a single piece of code. The statement behind the course was first to clear all the theoretical knowledge the switch to the coding part and, I was doing wrong because of the wrong direction towards how to code my first line of C++ code.

The whole shit happened many times and I was unable to write the code without
understanding it. I was doing wrong with the process I was following. Then I tried my second method to learn and that method I also recommend you for writing your first and foremost of the line of code in C++.

Best way to learn how to write and code in C++

The perfect solution to my problem as I discussed above is too more focus on
practicing and what I recommend you to learn how to code. Most of the online course of C++ focuses on the theory part, where lots of students get stuck at their initial level.

In this online C++ course, we will teach more about how to practice it with
understanding the theories of these type of programming languages. Once you
finished completing this stuff you will be able to write every piece of code that you
think must exist in system or software you are designing.

Best technique to start C++ Course for beginners

Before investing your harden money to buy any course, you must have to look at
what are the topics they are covering. Every topic in the C++ course covered is
important to understand it.

Every course follows the same rule and covers most of the topics but I think It's not a valid point to cover all. But this online C++ course is designed with the help of developers of different companies. And most of the topics I discussed are suggested by them to clear the fundamentals of C++. And after completing the whole course you will be able to write and feel comfortable with this programming language.

Basic syntax, Data types, OPPs concept, decision making, and operators are some
of the best topics to cover. The above concepts need more hands-on practice to
code smarter and accurate, and I will teach you how to do that in your C++ compiler.

Most of the courses are highly paid and are following the same old structure of
teaching the students. And before your option to choose the best, you have to focus
on what will be taught inside the course.

How to code the first line of the program in C++

It is very important to code and understands every line of code that you are going to
write. Every learner does the same mistake when they write the code. Copy and
paste model is not a good way to learn how to code.

Most of the learner makes the same mistake, they used to copy the code from the
textbooks or from the study materials. After completing a few steps your mind will
vanish and you will hate the codes. For you, the codes will be harder to understand
and are more complex to write the new one.

First Program in C++ for Beginners to learn

//your first program in C++


    int main(){
        std::cout<< "hello world!" ;

Let's try to understand the whole concept, that I am talking about. Here is the basic program of "hello world!"

We all know the output of the above program and that will be "hello world!", yes it's
the correct answer. But wait to do the same monkey mistake instead of
understanding how the code works.
Not an issue, I will share and explain how each line performs its task and what will be the output of the code.

Code Explanation of C++ Program of Hello World

Line 1: //your first program in C++
Begin with the two slash signs indicate that the rest of the line is a comment inserted by the programmer and it has no effect on the behavior of the program.
Programmers use them to include short explanations or explain the factor the code
or program. It is a brief introductory description of the program.

Line 2: #include<iostream.h>
The first important code of Lines beginning with a hash sign (#) are directives read
and interpreted by what is known as the preprocessor. These are the special lines
interpreted before the compilation of the program itself begins.
In this statement, the directive of the program instructs the preprocessor to include a header section of the standard C++ source code, known as header iostream, that
allows performing standard input and output operations, such as writing the output of this program (Hello World!) to the display.

Line 3: A blank line.
Blank lines have zero effect on a program. They simply improve the readability of
the code in every coding segment

Line 4: int main()
Function declaration starts with this line in C++. Functions are the group of
statements which are given by names, in this case, this gives the name "main" to the
group of code statements that follow.

The main function is a special function in all C++ programs, and it is the function
called when the program is run. The code execution of C++ programs begins with
the main function.

Lines 5 and 7: { and }
The open brace ( { ) at line 5 indicates the beginning of the main function definition,
and the closing brace ( { ) at line 7, indicates its end. Everything between these
braces is the function's body that defines what will happen when the main function is called. All functions use braces to indicate the beginning and end of their definitions inside the codes.

Line 6: std :: cout<< "hello world!" ;
The above line is a C++ statement. A statement is an expression that can actually
produce some effect on the code. It is the base of a program, specifying its actual
behavior and execution. Statements are executed in the same order that they appear
within a function's body in C++ code.

This statement has three parts: First, std::cout, which identify the code as the standard character output device (usually, this is the computer screen or any display monitor). Second, the insertion operator (<<), which indicates that what follows is inserted into std::cout code and, Finally, a sentence within quotes ("Hello world!"), is the content inserted into the standard output and after the program execution the output will be displayed.

Understand basic code to build complex software

The above code is easy to understand and is comfortable to write and design on
your system. So Let's come to the point why most of the beginners stuck in their first line of code execution. They never tried to what's the wrong method are using while coding. Every Beginner does the same mistake and got distracted with the learning C++ language.

I have simply explained each line of code, what is used in the programming of the
"hello world!".
After reading the explanation your concept will be clear to look at how the code
works. You will be comfortable with the codes and line have written during the whole code and for upcoming codes.

Now after each segment, of course, it's your responsibility to solve the related
problems because hello world program is not the last one you have to code.
So, what will happen if I share only the output of the code and not try to explain how to code works. And you will never understand the codes but remember the outputs. But till not long term process still, you have to write thousands of words of code. The process of understanding how the code works is very important and are complex to understand it.

Still, most of the courses follow the different rules of teaching the codes, instead,
they never do the explanation of codes. Learner of the course and the student get
distracted with the codes. Even they never know how to write the perfect piece of
codes and design software from scratch in C++.

Practice more to boost your coding skills in C++

Start from Basics, become a C++ Master!
Start from Basics, become a C++ Master!
Become a Master in C++

Not every online C++ course provider offers the practice sets or practice material to
the students and the online focus on completing their course. After competing for the course they find themselves on the same track where they started. But the only
difference is that they know what is C++ and what are the basic programs of C++,
still, the problem is not solved.

When I started to learn the basics of C++ codes, I usually solve some problems
related to the module of the programming language. And these techniques helps me
a lot to establish my career in this field and I'm more comfortable with these codes.
So, how code and the learner get combined with each other, the only best method to
solve the related problems while practicing. After completing each course module,
we will provide the practice sets and extra study materials to help solve the advance
problems related to questions. Basic concepts of programming language are
important but the most missing fact is solving the related problems. When you try to solve the problems and relate to generating the proper output of the codes.

The coding skill gets better and the confidence level gets increased with this. And
after practicing a lot of practice kinds of stuff you will be comfortable with designing
and writing the complex codes.

In C++, complex coding is designed to solve the complex problems, most of the
beginners find themselves uncomfortable with solving the problems. But if you tried
to solve more practice set you will be comfortable with the complex program design.

Complete C++ online course to start a career in C++

Next step is very simple but only when you dedicate yourself in learning this new
skill. You will be comfortable with writing complex coding and solving the problems. And being a learner you will get benefits of different practice and coding styles. You must have to write and code daily to get habituated with this programming skill, I'm doing the same. I can write thousands of words of code and can design any software that the user wants.

Once, I was also a student like you having zero skill set on C++ and another
programming stuff but now things are different. And for me, it is very easy to
understand, most of the time I used to code the programs. And If I get stuck
somewhere then I do my revision by solving small problems related to it and then
come to the problem where I'm facing the problem.

The same thing will happen with you when you start writing the codes for the
complex software, still remember my words. How to tackle the big problems by
solving the small ones.

If you do practice well you will be comfortable with the C++ and will be able to join
any software firms. After Practicing a lot you will be more comfortable with this
coding words. Hope you will enjoy the full article and will get feedback from your
side, maybe I'm missing some point but I will update it soon to enhance your skills.