Hello, Everyone!
I am Anirudh Gupta, a open source enthusiast and 3rd year student at Delhi Technological University.
I learned web development and concepts at around mid febuary. I was quite nice with my Android development skills. But like every other enthusiast student, I wanted to get start with contributing in Open Source. Like everyone, I tried forking repos so that I could somehow solve some small known issue. But I wasn't able to contribute anything remarkable. Common questions arised in my mind, like How do I start with Open Source? How do I intereact with people? Where to seek help? How do I read a complex well maintained project? What styles to follow when making a PR? How to use Git/Github preperly (There is too much more than just cloning, branching and setting remotes) and much more.

As I was struggling my way out, I came across this event, BOSS, organised by Coding Blocks. The prizes attracted me to win the competition. I started forking repos, solving new issues, and sending PR. Slowly and steadily, I was able to find answers to all the questions stated earlier. Learning curve was extremely high. Whenever I find an issue, and I havn't even heard of the terms the issue uses, I would dig out the net to learn about it. After that, applying that into real code is a challenge. Reading the solutions of my peer competitors, I realized a better way to code the same work. I learnt to interact with maintainers of the project. I learnt the proper way to procees with any real world Open Source project. BOSS has large number of both Web and android projects. I was able to contribute in both the fields.

Now after two months, I am an entirely different person in terms of coding and development. I would recommend everyone who wish to develop projects/contribute etc, to have a taste of BOSS (when it arrives next year).