The Google Foo bar challenge has been known for the last 5 years or more as a secret process of hiring developers and programmers all over the world.
It is a secret process and the challenge consists of coding challenges of increasing difficulty as you go along.

My Experience with the Google Foo Bar Challenge

The google foo bar page is not accessible to everyone. Google has a list of what the user goes searching for and if it finds it relevant to programming,
it gives the user an opportunity to participate in the foo bar challenge.

The message reads like this

You are speaking our language. Up for a challenge.

In my case, it didn't go the traditional way. During the ICC matches a few months ago, Google had updated their doodle with a small cricket game with players as ants.
Just out of curiosity, I went on for inspecting the page, when suddenly there was a comment under a 'li' tag.

"Up for a challenge. You are invited". And there was a link and I opened it and it redirected me to a new page ''

Its kind of like a linux console where you get to solve the problems one by one upon opening a new problem directory.

The Challenge

The challenge consists of 5 levels consisting of algorithm problems. I won't share the problems, neither the solutions as it would be unfair.
But it was really a great experience so far.
The first few levels were relatively easy, but as the levels peaked up, the difficulty gained heights.

Currently I am on level 4 and just have one more label to go.

Upon completing level 3 , I had to submit my personal details with a potential recruiter for a future interview.

I don't know about the future upcomimgs for this, but to be honest I really enjoyed the challenges.

Looking forward to solve more.


Its really great to get such an opportunity. So 'Always keep looking for more. Be Curious!'