Dear Student,
My name is Manmohan Gupta - a coder, entrepreneur, co-founder at Nagarro (a custom business consulting and technology services company) and Vidyamandir Classes. I thought this would be the right time to share my experience of the IT industry and the world of coding with you.

Is programming here to stay?

General Electric’s CEO Jeff Immelt in an interview in 2015 said: "Every Industrial Company In the Coming Age Has to be a Software and Analytics Company". What he meant was that if companies do not use technology to reinvent themselves, they will run out of business.

Coding is for everyone
For some of us, coding is a passion while for others, it is the road to a career. Whichever category you may belong to and whichever industry you may want to join, one thing which has become absolutely clear now is that you have to be connected with coding one way or the other.

Why Coding Blocks?

The present structure of computer education in Universities is not aligned to the needs of the IT Industry. Students have no place to go and bridge this huge gap. It was this realisation that prompted me to address this very real need of the student community.
Coding Blocks is my brainchild, started in 2014. It is a learning center where we teach fundamentals of programming to college students. The courses here are designed to help students with their curriculum and give them the feel of the IT industry. In the last two years, we have already helped more than 2000 students achieve their goal and made them the darling of the industry.

My sister is 12, can she also code?

I have been coding since Class IX and then continued coding in IIT Delhi. I am part of the growing community which thinks that children should start coding early (check this video where industry stalwarts emphasise on the same fact).

Come join us

We promise to carve out a proper learning path for you. If you are good in logical thinking, can convert your logic into code, know Object Oriented programming, Data Structures and Algorithms we will move you to the next level where you will learn Industry level courses like web development, Android Apps, iOS, machine learning etc. But if you are not so good in coding, don’t fret, because we will analyse the level where you are currently and then advise you on the course that suits you best. At Coding Blocks, we offer the following courses:

  • Launchpad (C++ Programming Fundamentals)
  • Crux (Java Programming Fundamentals)
  • Pandora (Android App Development)
  • Elixir (Web Development)
  • Django (Python)

At Coding Blocks, all instructors are themselves great coders and highly employable in the Industry. They decided to join Coding Blocks instead of joining the Industry because they are passionate about teaching and strongly believe in the company's vision. I would like to invite you to join Coding Blocks. It is my commitment that your learning experience with us will be amazing and you will learn things which you cannot on your own or elsewhere.
For more details, you can visit our website ( If you are interested, you can contact us on 1800-2744- 504 (Toll-free) or 011-2735- 4126 or 9599-586- 446. You can even write to us on [email protected]

Wishing you a great career ahead.
Manmohan Gupta,
[email protected]

A very happy and satisfied coder