The greatest benefit of machine learning may ultimately be not what the machines learn but what we learn by teaching them.”

― Pedro Domingos

After being a hit game for the medical industry during the 2020 pandemic, the technology sector keeps on asking what’s next on the plate for Machine Learning!

The worldwide value of the machine learning market was $8 billion in 2019 and is expected to increase to $117 billion by the end of 2027 at a CAGR of 39%.

Therefore, the future holds a flourishing prospect for Machine Learning. Let’s look into the different aspects where Machine Learning has started to boom and will continue to do so.

· Automation in the Machine Learning Development

To alleviate the tedious and manual procedures involved in the ML projects like preparing data, feature engineering, and optimizing models, automation is the way. Platforms, tools, and libraries are becoming automated to make processes simpler and ease out repetitive tasks.  It is expected that all levels of ML development should require the least help from humans by this year and thus, shall increase efficiency and productivity.

· Integration of ML and IoT

Both of these technologies have changed the way this sector worked. Devices related to IoT collect data that are put into use for analysis and extracting valuable insights. Machine Learning helps in data optimization by converting the patterns and trends into valuable outputs.

· Machine Learning in Cyber Security

With the flourishing of ML in different industries, cyber-security has also commenced using ML models extensively. The application of ML in cybersecurity comprises many things like fighting cybercrimes, improving antivirus software, detecting cyber-threats, etc. Applications of ML have been started to be used in various smart Antivirus Software that detects the cyberthreat from viruses that have been dealt with earlier or by identifying the anomaly in behavior of any program.

· Industries using ML in abundance

The rise in the development of Machine Learning has augmented the demand for its implementation across a plethora of industries. Healthcare, transport, banking & finance, retail, manufacturing, etc. has started to use the ML models to manage and optimize the big chunks of data. This has drastically improved productivity, timely delivery of service/products, and management of customer relations in these various industries.

We have observed immense changes in the ML industry due to the monetary impacts of COVID-19 and the current time is turning out to be the exponential point of increase in the booming ML market.

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