Indian Engineers today face the negative consequences of the huge chasm between the theoretical knowledge imparted by various educational institutions and the practical knowledge required by the tech industry. According to the Economic Times, the Indian IT Industry requires skills that most engineering graduates lack. A majority of IT firms claim that most engineering alumni have thorough theoretical knowledge but lack the industry specific skills.

How to bridge the gap?

We, at Coding Blocks realize the essential reason and result of the skill-gap issue and attempt to take every possible measure to help students bridge this gap. Over the years, Coding Blocks has been able to help students learn skills and get placement offers much higher than any average college placement drive would provide. For instance, one of our students, studying in a Tier-3 college, whose average CTC would have been 6L through college placement, got an offer of 36L after completing Algo ++ course. In an attempt to keep helping many such students, Coding Blocks has launched a new initiative, an Income Share Agreement Program, called the Career Bootcamp.

What is Career Bootcamp?

The Career Bootcamp is an intensive 6-month online training program designed with the aim to help students realize their true potential and learn IT specific skills. The course would allow students to start from the scratch and progress towards becoming a professional software developer. Software Development is one of the most in-demand skills in the IT industry today and with Career Bootcamp you can master this skill easily and efficiently.

What is special about Career Bootcamp?

Well, how about learning software development and programming techniques from highly qualified professionals and mentors without paying a single penny? Yes, you heard it right! Career Bootcamp’s Income Share Agreement policy allows you to access quality education and brush up your programming skills without money being a hindrance. You can begin your training with Zero Upfront Fee and Pay after getting hired!

What are the features of this Bootcamp?

· Learn from the comfort of your home with Interactive Live classes
· World-class mentors with Industry aligned content
· Guidance by Industry experts
· Dedicated Teaching Assistants and 24 x 7 Doubt support
· Placement Assurance
· Course certificate upon completion
· No upfront fee, pay only when you get hired

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

What is the Eligibility for Career Bootcamp?

Coding Blocks' Career Bootcamp is for third and fourth year engineering students. The program is also for engineering graduates who want to become software engineers.

What is the Income Share Agreement Fee Model?

Career Bootcamp Fee Model

Under Coding Blocks’ Career Bootcamp, students get two different payment options–

· Pay a partial fee of ₹50,000 at the start of the course and on successful placement, pay back the course fee through monthly payment of 7.5% of your income. The maximum salary cap applicable on this model would be of ₹1.5 lac.

· Pay no upfront fee and on successful placement, pay back the course fee through monthly payment of 15% of your income. The maximum salary cap applicable on this model would be of ₹ 2.5 lac.

What is the Course Plan for Career Bootcamp?

Starting with the basics of programming like arrays, strings, sorting and searching etc., we will move forward to data structures like stacks, queues and trees. Then we will dive into Dynamic Programming and graph algorithms, following which we take a look at some important subjects of computer science like operating systems, computer networks, and DBMS. After getting a firm grip on core subjects, we’ll dedicate two months to full-stack software development, hence concluding the Bootcamp.

What is the Road-map to get enrolled?

Road-map for Career Bootcamp

· Apply Online – Click on the given link to apply for the Career Bootcamp.

· Take the Test – Once you register, we will notify you to appear for an online examination. Take the online admission test on 25th January, 2020.

· Interview Round – Once the result is declared, the shortlisted candidates would be invited for a video chat.

· Join the Batch – The students who clear both the rounds would then be asked to register and begin their journey towards success from 12th February, 2020.

· Get Hired – After 6 months of efficient and rigorous training, land a great job of your choice and begin to make the big bucks.

Aren’t you Excited? Well, with a pioneer programming institute like Coding Blocks offering a course like Career Bootcamp, who wouldn’t be?

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get started with the registration process already.

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