Want to be a successful Android Developer? Welcome !! You are at the right place. This is a very simple guide to get started to your journey of Android Developer 👨‍💻

This article is for all those people who fit in any of the categories below :

Category 1: Completely new to Android Development and don't know how to get started.

Category 2: For all those who have already started Android Development but want to learn it in a better and efficient way and go through the advanced topics.

Android Development is a very vast and interesting course.  In the span of just 9 years,  Android has climbed the stairs of success and has reached the position that seems to be a visionary dream to other smartphone operating systems. The scope of this field is never ending 🎉

Get started to Android Development

  1. First of all, you must know a programming language like Java or Kotlin.

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2. Set Up Android Studio on your PC or Laptop.  After setting up android studio you’ve taken your first, bold step toward becoming a developer 🎉

Before starting Android Development, it's very important to understand the Android activity lifecycle.

Android LifeCycle

Let's understand Android development with help of this simple project.

Step 1 :  Launch Android Studio and start a new project(File -> New -> New Project).

Click on Empty Activity then Next

Step 2 : Write name of your new Project and then click finish.

Write new Project Name

Step 3: After some processing, Android Studio opens the IDE.

Step 4:  First be sure the Project window is open (select View > Tool Windows > Project) and the Android view is selected from the drop-down list at the top of that window. You can then see the following files:

app > java > com.example.myfirstapp > MainActivity  This is the main activity (the entry point for your app). When you build  and run the app, the system launches an instance of this     Activity    and loads its layout.  

app > res > layout > activity_main.xml  This XML file defines the layout for the activity's UI. It contains a    TextView element with the   text "Hello world!".

Step 5 : We will make a simple application in which " On clicking on a button, you will see your name with a star image " 🎉.

3,2,1....Go !

Open up your XML and write the following code to create a button, an ImageView and a TextView  or  you can also choose drag and drop method (from the design tab at bottom of XML file).

Second method is more efficient and exciting, Drag an imageView to the layout, choose the Star_Image image for it, and constrain it to the top of TextView. Similarly drag a TextView and then a Button. Constraint all the views.

It should look like this :

XML File

Step 6 : Now change the following attributes in TextView and ImageView.

Attribute field                                        Enter the following:      

                                                                       TextView                    Button         ImageView

ID                                                                nameTextView              button          imageView

text                                                           "Your Full Name "         "Click Here"         -

Hurray 🎉🏆, you are done with the basic Front-End Part for the project.

Step 7 : Moving ahead you have to do some coding in MainActivity.java 👨‍💻 Define and initialize the button, TextView and ImageView.

Define And Initialize the views

Step 8 :  Write this piece of code inside OnCreate Method :


button.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
   public void onClick(View view) {


You can check out the code for above at   First Timer Android Project.

For more information on Android , visit official Android Developer website

Understand Material Design from here.

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