Everyone is a hero in their own story. I was one too, until I connected and amalgamated myself with Coding Blocks. I became a Superhero for real that day. So, here is the amazing story of my awe-inspiring journey from being a hero to becoming a superhero. Hope you will like it!

On 10th May 2019, I completed one year as a Campus Superhero at Coding Blocks. So, here is my journey, full of ups & downs.

It was May 5th 2018, I was having my supper and suddenly my phone rang. It was a call from my GDG Jalandhar organizer Mr Vrijraj. He told me that he's sending me a link regarding Coding Blocks Campus Ambassador Program, as the organization is very impressive and exciting and that I should check out Prateek Narang on Google. I said, "okay Bhaiya, but am I eligible for it or will they hire me as I am not good in Coding or Competitive Programming?" He said, "apply for it and be honest while writing all answers, be optimistic."

I googled Coding Blocks, check their website out. The courses they had ranged from online to offline, on C++, Data Structures with C++, Java, Nodejs, Competitive Programming, Machine Learning, Web Development etc. After analysing the courses list, I noticed one thing that Coding Blocks is promoting only those courses which are in demand or which can be done by beginners or intermediates, which can fill the gap. They didn't have AI course (that doesn't mean AI isn't in demand, obviously this field is one the most demanding field) but in order to learn AI, one should be proficient with Data Structures, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data, NLP, Computer Vision then only one can work on AI). I looked into "about us" section on website and I got that they are just trying to fill the gap and I was like, "Oh yeah! I guessed it right" and then I checked about their team and got to know about Mr Manmohan Gupta, Mr Priyanshu Agarwal, Mr Brij Mohan Gupta, Mr Prateek Narang and other talented visionaries at this esteemed organization. This reminded me to search about Mr Prateek Narang on Google. As I was typing his name on the search bar, the Google algorithm started suggesting me an Interactive resume of Prateek Narang. I clicked on it and a sensual and beautifully crafted website in which a boy with parachute started appearing. I was stunned; I hadn't seen something like this before. It was that moment that I decided to apply for the Campus Ambassador Program. I started to look into source code but didn't get anything. I was so impressed with his website, achievements, education and actually everything was so impressive then I said to myself "Oh bhai, if he becomes my mentor in the internship program, the program will be marvellous and full of learning." After going through Coding Blocks' website and Prateek Narang's website, I applied for it. I answered a couple of questions like how would you promote Coding Blocks in your campus, what is your strategy for organizing events in your campus etc. I received the mail from Coding Blocks from Jatin Virmani that my application has been accepted. I eagerly started waiting to work with Coding Blocks because I knew this journey was going to be AWESOME.

On 9th May 2018, my phone rang around 5:00 PM. It was an unknown number. It was from Coding Blocks regarding my application and it was an on call interview with Mr. Jatin Virmani. We talked about my experience, he asked the languages I knew such as scripting language, languages currently taking over the market.

The next day, I received an offer letter from him with NDA attached. From that very day, my journey as a Campus Superhero of Coding Blocks started. I never did this before. The thought of either switching or leaving never come to my mind. I found out that my promo code is CBCAO002. This 002 meant that I am the second campus ambassador of Coding Blocks and this always makes me proud.

I started planning to organize my first technical boot-camp and I got the support of Mr. Puneet Pushkar, ex-campus ambassador of Coding Blocks. He took the management side and I took the technical side of the boot-camp. We decided Nodejs and Competitive Programming as our theme. We discussed this with one of our faculty for college support and he got ready as he is a Nodejs teacher. We fixed the date 20th August to 24th August 2018- 2 days(20 and 21) for Competitive Programming and 2 days(23 and 24) for Nodejs. He sent me a proposal with company information and speakers' list. Since that was our first boot camp, we didn't want to risk it. So, I asked my two friends,  one as Nodejs Speaker and one senior as Competitive Programming speaker. Everyone was ready and everything was sailing smooth.

One fine day, I received a message from CP speaker that he won't be able to make it as he has TCS drive on that very day. I asked him for an alternative but every contact of his was either in drive or has already joined. I was so tensed because the event was in two days and I didn't have any speaker for Competitive Programming. Then my friend Ishita, suggested me her friend Saket Agarwal, a 2nd year student but very good in coding. I checked his LinkedIn and Facebook profile and  it turned out that he was quite good. I got his contact number and asked him to meet. I explained him everything.

The day arrived and we got more than 200 registrations for boot camp and but I sent confirmations to only 150 students to reduce chaos.

Everything was going great. In order to get more students, some of the students were forced to attend the boot camp by the faculties. Those very students started disturbing & created nuisance during the whole boot-camp. The speaker got uncomfortable and then I found that there were two sections which were forced for this boot camp. I was shocked and angry with the faculty as well as the students. I decided to let go of the students who were forced to attend the boot-camp. Those two sections consisted of around 60-70 students, which left and now only all the interested were present. I was very happy with my decision and I still am. After that, the boot camp went very well without any disturbance. Nodejs workshop was taken by Nitish Kumar and Parikshit Singh, two of the best Nodejs Developers in my contact.

Our campus ambassador family was growing very rapidly. One of the best thing about Coding Blocks is that there is no sir here, we address every male mentor/developer/senior as "bhaiya" and "ma'am".

It was the summer of 2018 when I came up with an idea to create a Google Assistant Action for Coding Blocks and I proposed this idea to Jatin Bhaiya. I explained it to him and also told him that if this was made, Coding Blocks will be the first educational organization with his own Google Assistant action in India. He asked for a demo. I created a short demo that very day and he was so impressed with it. He forwarded this to his team and everyone was ready. I started working on it and within a month, I created India's first Google Assistant for an educational organization published it on Google Assistant store. With this, I got exposure among other colleagues in Coding Blocks team.

In summer, I got a call from the organizer of Microsoft Technical Club LPU asking for sponsorship for MSHacks 2.0,  a 36 hours long hackathon. I asked him for the proposal and sent it to Jatin Bhaiya. After all the verification about the club by Coding Blocks, they approved it. The Hackathon was organized on 2nd September 2018. I was present during the whole hackathon as a volunteer because I was a senior and was also representing Coding Blocks there in that hackathon. I met with Sohail Pathan. Who knew at that time that we will become buddies and best allies in LPU representing Coding Blocks? We share and discuss plans together. Sohail has great contacts in LPU with authorities and I have contacts with the speakers and tech guys. Thus, we decided that he will handle all college permissions and I'll handle all the technical and speaker stuff.

Recently, we organized another workshop on Competitive Programming. But this time, Sohail was on the lead and I was supporting him to my best of powers. We invited Prateek Bhaiya and Jatin Bhaiya but due to  some reasons, Sanket Bhaiya and Sarthak Bhaiya arrived. Both of them were so down to earth, knowledgeable and interesting.

I also got praised by Prateek Bhaiya in webinar for doing fantabulous work in my college. One of the best things about Coding Blocks is that they don't treat us like Campus Ambassadors, but as family members. I got a lot of benefits while working as Campus Ambassador, to mention few, on the top of my head:

1. Connections with Coding Blocks teams.

2. They have Google Developer Expert for Firebase and Web Technologies

3. They have some of the best experts with experience in MNCs like Nagarro, American Express, SanDisk, Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO), GSoCers, Cadence, Practo, IEEE, Cyanogen, Sony, Micromax, active contributors in Open Source organizations like CloudCV, FOSSASIA etc.

4. They try to motivate as much as they can and always give us their full support.

5. I am a technical guy but due to this program, I learned marketing skills too.

6. This program made my CV good. I recently got offers from various startups like MySmartPrice, TeslaSmartWatch etc for their ambassador program.

Recently, I was invited to join brand ambassador program for TeslaSmartWatch, because they were so impressed with my profile

My journey completed a year on and I can proudly say that I have learned alot in this one year journey as a Campus Ambassador. I met with some great people. My leadership potential increased, when I was invited as a Kubernetes Speaker at Google Cloud Developer Community New Delhi. They also introduced me as Campus Ambassador of Coding Blocks. It was mentioned in the poster too and my resume became bigger and better. I am sure that this journey will be more wonderful this year but I can't tell where my journey will end ...

-By Rohan Singh